You stay classy, North Dakota.

Will Ferrell – oh, we mean Ron Burgundy – took over as co-anchor at KX News in North Dakota for an entire broadcast, and to say it was a bit awkward is an understatement. Ron has been appearing just about everywhere we look to promote Anchorman 2, in theaters on Christmas Day. We’re talking from the MTV EMAs to even Dodge Durango commercials that won’t stop playing over and over again on TV. Then he sat down at the KX News desk last weekend to give the news to the local viewers and it just seemed like his fellow anchors couldn’t keep up with his dry sense of humor. Check out the highlights!

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We totally don’t blame the anchors for giggling at pretty much every time Ron said anything, but it was also the awkward silences that followed that made it a bit cringe-worthy at times. Regardless, how awesome was it for KX News to have the Ron Burgundy repeat their news?!

Ron’s appearance is the just the latest for the Anchorman 2 marketing campaign to bring movie goers into the theaters this holiday season. Did you mention that there is an actual Ron Burgundy exhibit at the Washington, D.C. Newseum? Or what about a special “Scotchy Scotch Scotch” flavor for Ben & Jerry’s? Needless to say, Ron and his Channel 4 News team are taking over!

What did you think of Ron’s news appearance?

Did you find it absolutely hilarious or totally awkward?