By now, we’re totally used to Justin Bieber releasing a brand new song every Monday in honor of his Music Mondays. And as much as we’re loving the trend of new music every week, we just have to say it – Bieber’s song are totally bumming us out!

Justin, Chelsea Briggs has one question for you and your sappy tunes: WTF!

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It’s pretty obvious that Justin has been in kind of funk ever since his very public split from Selena Gomez. I mean, his first song to kick off Music Monday was called “Heartbreaker!” And the others to follow? The titles go like this: “Roller Coaster,” “Change Me,” “Recovery,” “Bad Day,” “All Bad” – you get the idea.

So as for the WTF Lesson of the Day? There are plenty of fish in the sea. Catch one and write a happy song about them.

What do you think about Justin’s super sappy tunes?

Do you love them or are you craving an upbeat song like his older stuff?