We’ve already discussed our stand-out favorites from the 2014 Golden Globes, but now we must talk about the ones that didn’t exactly measure up. We’re talking about the Worst Dressed from the evening.

Whether they were risks that didn’t come across as daring as they would have hoped or ones that left us scratching our head, take a peek at the not-so-fantastic looks from last night’s Golden Globes. Plus, see which looks we’re still not sure how we feel about them in the Debatable Looks of the night!


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey, you’re a 33-year-old, beautiful woman. Why are you dressing like an elderly woman? This look completely ages her and the flower in the hair isn’t exactly helping the situation. And the shoes? Don’t get me started.


Zoe Saldana

What? Just what is going on here? I’m so confused. This looks like she threw some fabric together with a stapler and called it a day. Just… no.


Aubrey Plaza

This just looks like a prom dress gone wrong. The two shades of purple aren’t working and the style of the gown is just awful. And is that a giant bow in the back?!

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Sandra Bullock

Sandra, Sandra, Sandra. You are usually always on a Best Dressed list with your red carpet looks, but what on earth happened here? The dress looks super cheap and the silhouette isn’t flattering at that. She usually stays more on the safe side with her looks, so maybe she wanted to take a bit of risk. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly go well.


Drew Barrymore

Look, we know that Drew is expecting but there are plenty of other ways to dress a baby bump. Just look at Olivia Wilde and Kerry Washington for example. There’s way too much going on with this dress that it’s disappointing.


The Debatable


Jennifer Lawrence

We’re totally in love with Jennifer’s gown, but some weren’t exactly as excited as we were. While it may have become an internet sensation, with people trying to recreate the look, we think she completely pulled off the look!


Lena Dunham

Anytime you wear a bright color on the red carpet, it has the chance of either working very well or completely bombing. Lena’s bright-yellow gown is one that has people torn on whether it worked for her or not.


Julia Roberts

Julia completely aged herself with this one. Does anyone else think this looks like something Meryl Streep would wear? While she looks beautiful, this is definitely one of the most debatable looks from the evening.


Which look was your least favorite from the Golden Globes?