Let’s be real – the Grammy Awards is basically the best concert of the year. Numerous musicians took the stage during music’s biggest night on Sunday, but the question remains: who stole the show – Beyoncé or Katy Perry?

Chelsea Briggs shows you their performances in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Beyoncé opened the Grammys because, well duh. It’s Beyoncé! She brought the Sasha Fierce out in her, along with her hubby Jay-Z for a seductive performance of “Drunk In Love.” Her dance moves? Out of this world! Is it getting hot in here?!

And then there’s Katy, who pulled out all the stops in a super creepy stage show for her song “Dark Horse” with Juicy J. Was there a ritual going on that stage or what?!

Which performance did you dig more?

Beyoncé or Katy’s?