Elle Fanning is one of the hardest working teenagers in Hollywood. She’s starring in movie after movie, including her Sundance 2014 film Low Down, alongside John Hawkes, Glenn Close and Peter Dinklage. Yeah, the cast is pretty insane.

Chelsea Briggs chatted with Elle at the premiere of the film about portraying a real character with such a talented cast. She also talked about her protective older sister Dakota.

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In Low Down, Elle plays Amy Albany, who is the daughter of pianist Joe Albany. In the film, we see her perspective as she watches her own father contend his drug addiction in the 1960s and 1970s jazz scene.

Talking about her character, Elle admitted that extra set of nerves where with her during filming. “It’s real. It all happened and you’re playing a real person so you do feel some pressure because Amy [Albany] was there every day on set and it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s staring at you,’” she said. “But she was so open. I could ask anything and she would tell me exactly how it happened and how it played out… it was amazing. There was no block, it was fantastic.”

Will you be checking out Low Down?