Looks like the engagement between Emma Roberts, 22, and Evan Peters, 26, is definitely on! A very-visible diamond ring was spotted on Emma’s finger at the 2014 Golden Globes on Sunday and according to reports, her aunt, Julia Roberts, got to meet the fiancé for the first time. That’s so Hollywood.

First, the ring! Looking to be several carats, is rose gold with a thin, diamond-encrusted band. No one can deny how beautiful it is, including her Aunt Julia!

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Reuniting with her aunt inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel auditorium, Julia was overheard saying, “You look so beautiful! I want to meet your fiancé!” she told her niece. “I’ll bring him over,” Emma replied. So, no pressure or anything Evan. Imagine trying to impress your fiancé’s aunt who just so happens to be one of the biggest movie stars – ever!

Clearly Emma and Evan are head-over-heels in love as they were spotted getting pretty hot and heavy while attending the Fox Golden Globe after-party. [They shared] a passionate tongue kiss as they met each other after the carpet,” a source told Us Weekly. “They didn’t seem to care who noticed.” Ah, kids these days.

What do you think about Emma and Evan’s engagement?

Love it or think they’re a bit too young?