Fellas, Emma Watson is back on the market!

Emma has reportedly split from boyfriend Will Adamowicz over the summer, but this news is coming out days after alleged drug photos of her ex surfaced on the web. Photos of what look like Will sitting at a table with packets of white powder on New Year’s Eve were posted on his friend, Antoine Salagnon’s Facebook.

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Will denies any wrong doing, telling The Mirror, “The picture is not compromising. It is not what you think. They are not packages. They are not drugs. They are just bits of scrap paper. I don’t take any drugs.” Hm, alright. Why don’t you guys take a look at the photo here and be the judge.

In other Emma news, she’ll be taking a bit of a break from acting to wrap up her studies at Brown University, set to graduate in May with a degree in English. But it’ll definitely cost her a bit! “Emma is in demand with Hollywood directors but has so much to focus on with her studies that she had to pass on a few things -- she simply can’t do everything,” a source said. “It’s tough, but she believes it was the right thing.”

Emma Watson: beauty and brains!

 Will you miss Emma from the acting world?

And now that she’s single, who would you love to see her with?