Started on The X-Factor and now they’re here! The ladies of Fifth Harmony made the huge announcement during a press conference – or should be we call it the House of Harmonizers event – that they developed an epic partnership with Barbie! Yes, the Barbie.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with the five girls after the event to chat about being a part of the Barbie brand, as well as some of the biggest challenges they’ve faced within the past year.

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As part of their partnership with Barbie, they released a brand new song “Anything Is Possible” to go along with the brand’s new motto, “With Barbie, anything is possible.” And if that wasn’t cool enough, get this – they’ll be releasing their own line of Barbie dolls in 2015! How crazy is that?!

There’s no doubt that the girls’ careers are growing every day, but it’s not without facing some challenges, personally and as a group. “I think the biggest challenge for me before all of this I was, I was really introverted and kept to myself, so it’s weird to have to exert yourself so much and to be with people all the time,” Camila explained.

Ally added, “One of the biggest challenges has definitely been being away from home, away from friends and family and missing things like birthdays.”

Will you picking up the Fifth Harmony dolls?