Reunited and it feels so good. We’ve already discussed the fact that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have totally rekindled their love flame and according to reports, they’re pretty much inseparable now.

According to Celebuzz, Jelena headed up to Santa Cruz, Calif., last weekend for a little camping adventure with Bieber’s dad Jeremy. A park ranger confirmed that the trio rode around on their Segways (they have a serious obsession) and had VIP treatment  -- meaning that they checked out a beach that is totally off limits to us normal folk.

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Sources report that Jelena and Jeremy spent the night camping under the stars last Saturday night, heading to the Seascape Resort that following Sunday. Jelena fans spotted the couple getting cozy on the balcony of their hotel.

“We waited for a few hours and there was a hotel security all over so I couldn’t go up to the door,” a fan who spotted the couple said. “When we took the pathway down to the beach, which leads behind the suites, and walked over and I noticed it was Selena.”

She continued, “We got a little closer and I noticed the man who was standing with her, he put his arm over the railing and I knew it was Justin because I saw his tattoos… Then they noticed us, but they weren’t mad. They hung out for another minute or so and then casually went inside.”

The mystery of Jelena continues on…

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