Things just aren’t looking up for Justin Bieber. After getting his home raided by the police on Tuesday, his friend Lil Za getting arrested for drug possession was just the beginning of Bieber’s worries.

According to TMZ, Bieber’s cell phone was taken by police and it’s what’s on that phone that could land him in some hot water. Sources say that while the police are looking for any evidence that would link him to the egg vandalism case, including text messages, Bieber is concerned that there may be drug references and nude photos that could be leaked to the public.

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According to reports, even if the police found conversations about drugs in Bieber’s phone, there’s not much they could really do since there is no physical evidence. But that isn’t exactly what Justin is worried about – it’s the fact that these personal and incriminating details have the possibility of reaching the media and then seen by the public, including his beloved Beliebers.

As for as the nude photos go, there’s no word on what exactly that entails, such as selfies, of other people, etc. Regardless, Justin is already starting 2014 on the wrong foot.

Do you think Justin’s personal information will get leaked?

Or do you think he’s in the clear?