Is Katy Perry following in the footsteps of Britney Spears and heading to Viva Las Vegas? That’s the rumor on the street!

Katy spoke to executives at Caesars Entertainment on New Year’s Eve about the possibly of having her own mini-residency at Planet Hollywood’s Axis theatre. Britney kicked off her stay at the same spot just a few weeks ago, doing 100 shows in over two years. With some much needed rest throughout the years, Katy is reportedly very interested in taking over for Brit!

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Katy seems to be pretty serious about taking over Vegas, even doing a secret performance for the execs last Tuesday. An entertainment VP explained, “We would love it if we could welcome Katy to the new Planet Hollywood Theater. She told us she loved the theater and seeing Britney perform there on opening night. We have a number of stars in our sights and expect to announce future performers in the next two months.” Hm, very interesting!

Would you pay to see Katy in Las Vegas?