2014 was off to a rough start for Ke$ha, who checked herself into a rehab center for an eating disorder earlier this month. While there have been plenty of words and accusations thrown around from Ke$ha’s mother, blaming producer Dr. Luke for the singer’s issues, it sounds like she’s doing well at the center.

Since Ke$ha has limited communication with her fans while in rehab, her friend took the liberty of passing on a message to her followers. Oh, and she asked for fan’s teeth as well. Seriously.

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“This is Kesha's friend. She asked me to tweet an update for her because she doesn't have access to twitter right now,” her friend tweeted. “She says "THANK YOU. SOOO MUCH. I'm overwhelmed to tears by all of the love, letters, and support!! I'll be back soon and better than ever… ohhh and she can't believe Timber is still number one! "Fck YEAH animals! PARTY ON!!!!"

But that wasn’t all. Later that night her friend jumped back on Ke$ha’s Twitter to post this request: “Hey guys this is K's friend again. She's doing well and needs more of your teeth to make art with at the treatment center. She misses you.”

But before you run and grab the pliers, the rehab facility that the singer is currently residing is stopping you all from ripping out a tooth. A rep for the center told TMZ that will be denying any teeth, saying, “We can’t accept human remains. There is always a risk that it could be of bio-hazardous material so we are not able to bring in anything that’s real.”

But there’s something! They will accept fake teeth. So go ahead and get some falsies to send Ke$ha’s way!

What do you think about Ke$ha’s request for her fan’s teeth?