Miley Cyrus is stripping down for MTV – with her music that is. Her MTV: Unplugged special airs tonight and by the looks of it, she got a little help with the queen of pop herself – Madonna. The two, decked out in blinged-out cowboy gear duet to a mash up of Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me” and Miley’s “We Can’t Stop.”

Honestly, this could have been great. I mean, Madonna and Miley on one stage? That’s practically magic! But honestly, this just turned out to be two singers trying way too hard, grinding up on each other. It’s pretty much cringe-worthy throughout the entire clip.



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Miley could have brought in many different artists to be a part of her Unplugged special, so why Madonna? “I wanted to have someone here that wasn’t the obvious and something that was different than just being on my record, something the people wouldn’t really expect,” she recently told MTV News. “And even I didn’t expect Madonna to be necessarily down to do something like Unplugged with me. So the fact that she’s here, kind of doing this hoedown thing with me now, is unbelievable. I’m so stoked.”

Miley certainly has no problem expressing her sexuality, especially when she’s on stage, which is what Madonna has been known for for practically her entire career. “I grew up listening to Madonna and a lot of what she represented for me is what I try to rep to girls now, is not being afraid of sexuality and really being who you want to be and doing what you want to do,” Miley said.

You can catch the rest of Miley’s MTV: Unplugged when it airs tonight at 9 PM on MTV!

What did you think of Miley and Madonna’s duet?

Did you love it or think they were trying too hard?