The boys of One Direction grant us quite the sneak peek of their Midnight Memories music video -- and then we died! Is it Friday yet?!

Chelsea Briggs brings you a sneak peek in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Look, we feel like we’ve waited long enough for this MM music video and after getting this little sneak peek, it’s safe to say that we’re beyond stoked for this!

Plus, did we mention that 1D’s also released these stills from set  which show even more? We have the boys riding scooters, the boys riding scooter with old ladies, Niall giving the ‘ole thumbs up, the boys bundled up on a police boat. Okay, let’s take a deep breath because we still have to wait until Friday to see the video in its entirety!

What are your thoughts on Midnight Memories?

Could it be your new favorite?