Rachel McAdams takes on a whole new role as lawyer Annabel Richter in the Sundance thriller A Most Wanted Man, alongside the unbelievably talented Phillip Seymour Hoffman. In the film, a Chechen Muslim illegally immigrates to Hamburg where he gets caught in the international war on terror. It’s up to Annabel to find out this man’s true identity.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with Rachel in Park City, Utah to talk A Most Wanted Man and, of course, find out the question we’ve all been wondering: what’s her favorite Mean Girls quote?

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So much buzz surrounds Rachel’s performance in A Most Wanted Man, so what was the most challenging part of the role? “The dialectic, obviously. I’ve never explored that before so that was exciting and kind of getting into that mindset,” Rachel said. “Just playing a woman that feels that strongly that she kinda puts her life on the line and sort of understanding why she oversteps the line because there’s a clear line where you have to do things above board, as a lawyer you have to follow the law and she decides to throw that away. So just making that real and believable, but it was a fun challenge.”

We can’t talk to Rachel without chatting a little Mean Girls! In case you were wondering, we’ve got her favorite quotes from the cult film. “I like the Toaster’s Strudels part, I thought that was pretty funny. And ‘Is butter a carb?’” she revealed. So fetch!

Will you be checking out A Most Wanted Man?