Remember that time Shia LaBeouf tweeted to his millions of followers that he would be retiring from public life? Yeah, that didn’t last very long.

The controversial star, who’s pretty much created a hobby out of plagiarizing, caused quite a scene at a bar in London on Thursday. And by saying he “caused quite a scene,” we mean he head-butted the guy. Watch the video below.

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As you can see, it’s not really clear as to what got Shia all worked up but once he was upset, he was all up in the person’s face as his girlfriend Mia Goth begs him to stop. He repeatedly yells, “What did you just say? What did you say?” as he in the person’s face.

Not too long after that video surfaced, his drunken apology soon followed. We’re not really sure who was videotaping his confession, as it looks like it’s just a small group at a table, but they got him on camera saying, “I’m not trying to have like anymore problems.” Too late man. We also find out that the man that upset Shia said something offensive about Mia’s mother.

Shia explains how he gets angry when “people s—t talk my girl’s mom.” He later adds, “I’m super normal… like more normal than most.” Hm…

What do you think about Shia’s heated moment?