So many adorable kittens in Hollywood, so little time! But we’re breaking down the most serious showdown that has ever hit Hollywire: who has the cuter kitten? Taylor Swift or Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards?! We told you this was serious!

Chelsea Briggs brings all the kittens in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Kicking things off, Taylor’s little Meredith Swift. Taylor has had this adorable BFF since October of 2011. And she was a pretty precious kitten. Now she's a fully grown cat who does amazing things like sips water right from the faucet, gets emotional watching Titanic, and photo bombs party pictures on New Years' Eve!

Next up, the oh-so-chic Prada! Zayn and Perrie adopted this kitten back in November and it's hard to even handle the cuteness. It’s often hard to tell who is cuter: Prada or her parents!

Which kitty would you rather cat-sit: Meredith or Prada?