Is Justin Bieber getting deported!? Thousands of people have signed a petition to boot him out of the US. Look, we know he's made some mistakes but come on people! Kicking him out of the country?!

Chelsea Briggs just has one question: WTF!

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Bieber isn’t have the best year. First, he was accused of egging his neighbor’s house. Then the police raided his pad and found illegal drugs. And just when we thought the saga was over, he got arrested in Miami for drunk driving and resisting arrest. Now he’s in Panama where Scooter Braun, Usher and other close friends are going to see him and rumors of an intervention are swirling.

Just like a lot of Beliebers, we were definitely disappointed in JB. But the public backlash is getting a little out of hand. The hashtag #DeportBieber has been trending on Twitter the past week. And there's now a petition asking the Obama administration to revoke Justin's green card and send him home to Canada. The petition has over 100,000 signatures. Aren't there more important things to ask Obama about? Health care? Peace talks in Syria?

And the WTF lesson of the day goes like this: Let the cards fall as they may, and let Justin stay in the USA.

What do you think about this petition?!