First there was side-boob. And now, there's side butt. Yes. You heard me. Side butt is an actual thing taking over celebrity fashion. From Jennifer Lopez to Taylor Swift, it seems like every celeb is showing off their behinds and you know what, Chelsea Briggs just has one question: WTF!

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Stars are rocking the side butt or side-booty or side-bum if you want to get British with it. And I can't deal with it. It's reminds me of when girls used to wear low-rise jeans with thongs sticking out. Remember that? Not cute.

We get the appeal of rocking the side boob and it’s all about going bra-less. But not wearing underwear and letting the whole world know about it? Hm, seems a bit tacky!

This comes to our WTF Lesson of the Day: No ifs, ands or side-butts!

What do you think of this side butt trend?

Classy or trasy?