And more videos of Liam Payne of One Direction drunk at the 2014 BRIT Awards are surfacing, making our Friday that much more enjoyable.

Clearly Liam was having a grand ‘ole time at the show, which we already know from their interview in the press room following their wins. But now, another interview has surfaced, with Liam taking over hosting duties for BBC Radio 1. Hey Liam, want to come host a Hot Minute for us? You got some talent!

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Interviewing his fellas bandmates, Liam asked hard-hitting journalism questions to the lads, like as Harry about his mid-ceremony bathroom break, Niall and his crutches and simply asking Zayn how he’s feeling.

Our favorite part though was how the guys kept calling Liam out for throwing back one too many. “Liam you’ve consumed quite a lot of alcohol. Potentially too much,” Louis said. Since Liam called the “Global Success Award” that they won the “National Global Big Up Express Award,” we might have to agree with you, Louis.

Please, always drink responsibly. And don’t do interviews.