New music from Ed Sheeran? Um, yes please! We feel like we’ve been waiting for-ev-er for some new tunes from our favorite ginger and now he’s giving us a teeny, tiny sneak peek into a brand new song. And when we say teeny, tiny, we’re meaning that the clip is only 7 seconds long. But better than nothing, right?!

Posted an Instavideo with producer Jake Gosling, Ed sings what sounds like a soulful ballad with the chorus, “So honey now.” Okay, so it’s basically the shortest clip ever, but we’ll admit it – we’ve listened to it over and over and over and over again. Swooning over here, you guys!

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While we know that Ed has been working with a few different producers on the album, including Pharrell Williams, we’re hoping we see a little cameo from Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne after this video that Taylor posted yesterday! The two headed to the U.S. ambassador’s house in London on Thursday and Taylor shared this video of the three singing Knife’s “Heartbeats.”

Who do you hope to see Ed work with on his next album?