This is by far the funniest thing we’ve seen today. Kristen Wiig impersonates Harry Styles on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and it’s pretty much amazing.

Chelsea Briggs shows you the hilarious clip in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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We seriously can’t stop laughing while watching this clip. First off, Kristen is beyond amazing and second, her impersonation of Hazza is pretty much the best thing ever. In fact, we love that she didn’t even bother to use an English accent while talking.

Another favorite moment was definitely when Jimmy asked “Harry” how One Direction came together. "We were … at school … and then we began rehearsing, and then we sent a cassette tape, to RCA. They called my house," Kristen stuttered. Jimmy then asked what her number was. "Well it was in England, so it was very long. They asked if we wanted to be on their record label. I was really freaked out!"

What did you think of Kristen’s impression of Harry?

And what was your favorite part of the interview?