Lena Dunham is definitely no longer a fan of Jezebel. It all started back in January when the website began a search for Lena’s untouched Vogue photos for the sole fact that Lena has always been one to promote body positivity. Offering $10,000 for the photos, the site stated that using the altered photos in Vogue to hide her flaws was forcing the actress into its preconceived beauty standards.

Lena spoke out about Jezebel’s quest on Twitter, simply saying, “Some s—t is just too ridiculous to engaged. Let’s use our energy wisely, 2014.” Now, a month later, Lena is speaking out against Jezebel again while speaking with Bill Simmons on “B.S. Report” podcast.

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“That was messed up,” Lena said about Jezebel’s actions. “I think Jezebel can be really smart and funny, I think it’s just that once you’ve been attacked in that way, it’s hard to enjoy… once you feel they’ve made such a monumental error in their approach to feminism. It felt gross.”

Do you agree with Lena?

Was Jezebel in the wrong or was Lena and Vogue?