Miley Cyrus is everywhere with everybody! Besides having huge names on her Bangerz album – from Ludacris to Britney Spears – she’s featured on plenty of other hip hop tracks. Her latest? Lending her vocals to the rapper Buddy’s new jam “Smoke Signals,” which was produced by Miley’s pal Pharrell Williams.

Miley joined Buddy for the track, which is featured on his Idle Time mixtape, which dropped on Monday! Take a listen.

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In other Miley news, she took to Twitter yesterday to shoot down some tabloid rumors in a pretty awesome way. First, you may have heard the rumor that Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are out to get “revenge” on Miley for allegedly hooking up with Justin Bieber. Miley posted a photo of her and Justin found in a tabloid magazine, writing, “Btw this is photoshopped. Biebs wasn't at Pharrels bday party. I never read this shit & that's why.”

Another rumor she addressed was the story that she was “dying” to play Tinker Bell in NBC’s live musical. She posted the photo about the story, writing, “I would rather choke on my own tongue.” Amazing.

What do you think of Miley and Buddy’s new song?

And what about how she addressed the rumors?