Wait a minute, was Niall Horan spotted in the audience at Taylor Swift’s London show? Could it have been him? So why was he there? Is Niall a Swiftie? We’re confused!

Chelsea Briggs explains more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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So there's no doubt that fans are feeling a bit confused after this picture of Niall at Tay’s concert surfaced. Some outlets are saying it's not him, but come on – we all know the truth. Plus he just had knee surgery so DUH -- him being on crutches is a dead giveaway.

Maybe we got the days missed up and he thought he was there to support his friend Ed Sheeran, who performed the night before. Or maybe he went to check out Sam Smith, who did a duet with Tay that night. But get this guys – the fishy part is that Niall made no hint of his appearance, taking to Twitter only to talk about the Super Bowl. He wrote, “Watching the Super Bowl! And all I can think of is I can’t believe we are playing that stadium in the summer. Mind blowing s—t.”

What do you guys think? Are Niall and Taylor friends?