OMG! How NUTS was last night’s Pretty Little Liars?! Spencer spirals out of control and Aria leaves Rosewood! We have SO much to talk about!

Ciara McVey breaks down our Hollywire PLL Power Rankings in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Kicking things off at number three is Paige, who found out that – surprise! – Alison is still alive! After getting Emily to promise not to reach out to her again, she goes and blabs to the cops that Ali is still very much alive! Bold move, Paige! Coming in at number two – Spencer. You guys, we’re really starting to worry about this girl. After refusing to go to rehab, she just can’t handle things anymore and confronts Mrs. DiLaurentis, even asking if she really thinks she killed Ali.

And our number one spot this week goes to Aria! I seriously can’t even imagine being her right now. Destroying Ezra’s apartment (totally understandable) and then leaving Rosewood – what is happening to our Aria?!

Where do you think Aria is going?

And which character do you think came out on top?