Philip Seymour Hoffman’s sudden passing has left a dark cloud over Hollywood, many mourning his loss and looking back at his admirable work throughout his 20 year career. We were fortunate enough to attend one of his last movie premieres at the Sundance Film Festival just a few weeks ago for his film A Most Wanted Man.

While Philip did very little press at day, his co-stars and director had nothing but kind and positive things to say about this iconic actor. We wanted to share a few of their wonderful comments.

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Rachel McAdams had this to say about her co-star: “There’s so much electricity in every scene he’s in and you never really wonder if it’s working. You just kind of go on the ride and he takes you to all kinds of different places… He’s so in the character, but not so much that he’s not aware of all the moving parts happening around him. It was a joy.”

Talking about the atmosphere on set with Philip, Willem Dafoe said, “You can really exactly say what it was because you kind of lose yourself in each other – it’s not like you’re watching each other.” Director of A Most Wanted Man, Anton Corbijn shared, “We follow the film and Philip’s character and I knew Phillip was a great actor, but I didn’t know how great he was.”

Rest in peace, Philip.