More details are emerging surrounding Selena Gomez’s secret (and surprising) two-week stay at an Arizona rehab facility. If you thought that two-weeks was definitely not enough time to help deal with whatever issues Selena had, you’re not the only one. In fact, her stay was supposed be six-weeks but the star bailed early!

According to TMZ, Selena left her six-week program at The Meadows center after 14 days to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah just a couple weeks ago. While her doctors and medical staff strongly objected her leaving the program, Selena felt like she had done enough in those two-weeks and wanted to promote her film Rudderless.

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Selena also said she would return to rehab as soon as she wrapped up her promotion at Sundance, but that didn’t exactly happen. In fact, she reportedly felt like she was 100 percent cured and that there was no need to go back. Hm…

Rumors are also swirling as to the reason for Selena’s stay in the first place. While her rep stresses that it had nothing to do with substance abuse, sources suggest that she had an addiction to alcohol, marijuana and the prescription Ambien. And, of course, people are also pointing the finger at Justin Bieber.

Like we said before, we’re just glad she got help and we hope she’s happy and healthy.