This might be the strangest move Shia LaBeouf has pulled yet. And this is after the “I’m Not Famous Anymore” paper bag incident and the whole walking out of the press conference move. For whatever reason, he put on an art show in Los Angeles on Tuesday called #IAMSORRY. According to the press release, this performance will go on for six days to apologize for his sins.

While Hollywire hasn’t witnessed Shia’s performance first-hand, many other media outlets have and recounted what this is all about. According to TMZ, they walked into the LA gallery to find a table of random objects that relate to his life, such a whip, a Transformers action figure, Jack Daniels, a pink ukulele, etc. Once picking up a bottle of Jack Daniels, they are escorted into the next room where Shia is sitting at a table with a paper bag over his head.

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The rest of the encounter goes like this: “. I introduce myself, offer him tacos. No response. I tell him I find the bag to be distracting and if he'd be willing to take it off. He obliges. His eyes are red and puffy as if his cat just died. I tell him this all seems incredibly self-serving. No response. I ask him to share a swig of whiskey with me. No response. I ask him if any slimy characters have put their lips on the bottle -- he breaks into a wide smile. Then immediately his face returns to its regular stoic self."

"I tell him I think he's a good actor who's wildly misunderstood. I ask him if I can take a picture. No response. I say I'm a nice guy, please don't punch me in the face. I take a picture. He doesn't move. I thank him for his time and extend my hand -- he shakes it. I leave." 

Like we said, this is definitely Shia’s most disturbing move yet. In fact, we kind of feel bad for him. Who know what he’s trying to pull or what he’s trying to get across – we just hope he gets a happy mind soon.

What do you think about Shia’s latest antics?