It’s the battle of the soda commercials. Taylor Swift’s Diet Coke ad versus Beyoncé and her Pepsi commercial: which one do you appreciate more? This is a serious question, you guys.

Chelsea Briggs brings you both in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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First up, Taylor and her little partnership with Diet Coke! It’s a pretty fitting endorsement considering her obsession with the color red and that’s the brand signature color. She released her commercial back in April and we’ve always thought it was the cutest commercial – ever!

Next, the queen herself – Beyoncé. When she released her commercial back in April, everyone was all excited about the sneak peek into her new song “Grown Woman,” which we’ve now heard in its entirety after she secretly dropped her new visual album. But this ad showing every stage of Bey is just too good!

Which soda ad is your favorite?