Is One Direction breaking up?! For the last time – NO! Rumors of a 1D breakup started swirling after the 2014 BRIT Awards when Liam Payne said the guys haven’t seen each other in three months. Combine that with their solo song writing and the Internet had a bit of a freak out.

Let’s take a deep breath, people. Seriously. We’re in the clear! Chelsea Briggs just has one thing to say: WTF!

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The breakup rumors were getting so out of control that Liam and Harry Styles were both forced to comment on their breakup rumors. Harry said, “We’re not breaking up. We’ve spent every day together for months and I forgot what my mum looked like. It’s just holidays.”

It seems like every time one of the guys does something on his own, the media speculates there’s a split. And while it’s true nothing lasts forever, but come on, friends! These fellas are going strong!

As for our WTF Lesson of the Day: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, especially if the whole is One Direction.

Are you sick of hearing all of these 1D breakup rumors?

And do you freak out a little bit whenever you hear one?