The “Midnight Memories” video dropped on Friday and while most Directioners were super excited, some fans were livid since Zayn wasn't heavily featured in the video. What's going on? Where’s Zayn?!

Chelsea Briggs just has one question revolving this 1D drama: WTF!

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So One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” music video is beyond amazing, right? Anytime the fellas show off their goofy sides we smile from ear to ear. But the fact that Zayn wasn’t featured as much as the other four members left Directioners a little confused. Let’s look at the facts: Zayn only got 11 seconds of solo screen time, compared to Liam’s 20, Niall’s 22, Louis’ 28 and Harry’s 32.

But the part that was most upsetting to Zayn’s fans was that he didn’t get a solo in the video. Okay, we understand if Zayn is your number one, that is definitely a letdown. But it’s nothing to get mad over! Not everyone will be featured equally in each music video – that would be hard to do! Plus, the video isn’t about them as individuals – it’s about the group!

Our WTF Lesson of the Day goes like this: Don’t cry over spilled milk, or missing Zayn solos.

Were you upset over Zayn’s lack of screen time?