TGIBOTB! Translation: Thank Goodness It’s Battle of the Boy bands  because we have some fresh competitors in the ring this week. All the way from Australia, we have the ever-so-charming 5 Seconds of Summer and hot off the British Isles, we’ve got Rixton! So which band had the better week? Let’s battle it out!

Chelsea Briggs puts these two in the ring for this week’s Battle of the Boy Bands!


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First up, the fellas of 5SOS! They had a pretty major announcement this week – they’re going on tour – again – with the one and only One Direction! This isn’t really that much of a surprise since they opened for 1D last year and became pretty close with the world’s most famous boy band. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson couldn’t contain their excitement by tweeting all about it!

But, in case you can’t wait until this summer to see 5SOS rocking out stadiums, we’ve got you covered. They’re doing their first ever, solo North American tour starting in April, leading up to the Where We Are tour! So many chances to see these guys!

Next up, their competitors – Rixton! These lads released not one, but two songs this week and we’re totally swooning. First, they unleashed a lyrics video on YouTube for their debut song “Me and My Broken Heart.” And if that wasn’t enough, they released an amazing mashup of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love!” Taking on JT is pretty ambitious, but these guys mastered it flawlessly!

Rixton invaded the United States this week and are learning some pretty important things about American culture. For example, they tweeted, “Learning so much about the states on this trip. Just got to enjoy some Girl Scout cookies. #delicious.” We love these guys almost as much as Thin Mints… almost.

Okay, which band do you think had the better week?

5 Seconds of Summer or Rixton?