18-year-old Bethany Mota – a.ka. macbarbie07 – has created a brand for herself, thanks to this little video sharing website called YouTube. Getting her start by posting videos when she was 12-years-old after being bullied, she’s done nothing but inspire young viewers to be who they are, as well as showing off some make-up and fashion tips along the way.

Chelsea Briggs sat down with Bethany at 2014 Playlist Live to talk about being a role model, being bullied and, of course, One Direction!

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Taking on the role of a role model to five million subscribers may seem like a pretty high-pressure situation, but not for Bethany! “I think it’s really cool that girls look up to me, not just for fashion, but when I do meet-ups, there have been girls that come up to me in tears and emotional saying that I inspired them with personal issues and self-confidence and that just warms my heart,” she explained. “It just shows that on my YouTube channel I’m just being myself. I’m not trying to be a certain way that’s going to be approved by the people who watch me.”

Bethany continued, “I’m just being who I am and they seem to appreciate that and, also, they inspire me as well. It’s kind of this really cool friendship and I feel like we can just be ourselves and be who we are – as cheesy as that sounds.”

Who is your YouTube role model?