Charli XCX is no stranger to the SXSW Music Festival, this year being her third time in Austin, Texas. But while she’s practically a pro when it comes to the festival, this year was definitely her busiest, doing 13 shows total!

Chelsea Briggs got the chance to sit down with Charli during her busy time at SXSW to chat her epic collaboration with Iggy Azalea, her next album and, of course, we just had to put her in the Hollywire Hot Seat!

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Once Iggy and Charli’s “Fancy” music video hit the web, people could not stop talking about it – and for good reason! Charli explained how the Clueless-themed video came about, citing Iggy at the mastermind behind it all. “She wanted me to write some hooks for her record so I went into the studio and she already have the verses for ‘Fancy’ and she wanted a chorus on it so put some beats down,” she explained. “It was a really quick process actually. The next thing I knew she was talking about going this Clueless-homage for the video, which is one of my favorite films.”

We’ll be getting even more tunes from Charli oh-so-soon, with her teasing what fans can expect from her third studio album. “My last album was very electronic and beats-driven and this record is more live. It’s still a pop album, but it has punk influences,” she said. It’s a pop record. Like a girl gang shouty, pop-tastic album.”

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