We’re baaack! Season four of Pretty Little Liars may be over but why stop there? It’s time for a very special Power Ranking of the three most shocking moments from the entire season! Are you ready?

Ciara McVey breaks down all the moments in this week’s Power Ranking!

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Kicking it all off at number three is Aria finding out about Ezra’s little secret. You know, the one where he’s been spying on her to get information on Alison for that book he was writing? Yeah, that one. Shadesville!

Moment number two has got to be when Ali told the Liars that her own mother buried her. We repeat – Her. Own. Mother! Okay, I know all of you had the same reaction we did, which was obviously SAY WHAT?!

And the number one most shocking moment from the entire season of PLL is… finding out that Alison is alive! What?! How did we get here?! What is even real? After everything that’s gone down, the Liars found out that their dead friends wasn’t actually as dead as they thought.

Alright you guys, it’s question time: what do you think was the most shocking moment from season four of PLL?

Totally Alison, right?