Holy cliffhanger! Did we finally found out who ‘A’ really is on last night’s Pretty Little Liars? Could it be true?! You guys, we’re freaking out! So let’s waste no time and jump right into our PLL Power Rankings!

Ciara McVey breaks it all down in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Jumping right into it with number three is Aria who ends up at Syracuse to forget all about her crazy ex, Ezra. Maybe hooking up with a super-hot rebound by the name of Riley was exactly what she needed because it gave her the courage to tell Ezra that he needs to leave down – state! But obviously he couldn’t just leave town without a little parting gift – a.k.a. the manuscript to his book that ends up giving us the craziest cliffhanger ever. But we’ll get to that later.

Moving on to number two is Spencer, who helps us learn that maybe we should start checking our bed before getting into it at night. Gross! Finding a pile of dirt in your bed? That’s going to be one, huge laundry day!

Then while she’s on the fast track to getting clean, she has a flashback from the night Ali went missing that leaves her and us wondering one question: did she actually hurt Alison?!

And our number one character from last night’s PLL is – and this should come as to no surprise – Mrs. DiLaurentis. Oh, sorry – maybe we should start calling her A from now on! Yup, Alison’s own mother has become our number one suspect. First, she gives Spencer that cryptic message regarding those dirt-filled sheets, and then creeps around Spencer’s room in the dark. That’s totally an ‘A’ move if I’ve ever seen one!

Do you actually think Mrs. DiLaurentis is A?!

Could it really be possible? Alison’s own mother?!