If you’re over in the United States, there's a chance that you’ve never of Nina Nesbitt. But come April and you’ll be jamming to her song “Selfie” while you’re taking that selfie to post on the Interweb. Singer/songwriter Nina has made quite a name for herself over in the U.K. and is ready to take her music and break America.

Chelsea Briggs sat down with the adorable Nina at SXSW in Austin, Texas to talk about “Selfie,” what fans can expect from The Nina Nesbitt EP and how she ended up touring with Ed Sheeran.

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We couldn’t be more stoked for Nina to release her EP in April and one of the reasons is so other people can enjoy “Selfie” as much as we do! Nina explained the meaning beyond the song perfect, saying, “It’s like a modern day breakup song. When people feel bad about themselves, they sometimes take a selfie, post it online and be like, ‘Hey, look what you’re missing. Look at what a great time I’m having without you.’”

Getting the chance to tour with the one and only Ed Sheeran can be quite the awesome experience, but what’s even cooler is how these two ended up together in the first place!  “I ended up on tour with him in the U.K. after meeting him in Scotland. It was just a chance meeting and I said, ‘I really aspire to be a singer/songwriter’ and I’m a big fan of his work and just asked if he had any advice,” she explained. “I played him a song and went on tour with him and that kind of kickstarted everything in the U.K.”

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Will you be buying Nina’s EP next month?