Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel make one dynamic duo – a.k.a. Phantogram! With the release of their new album Voices and crazy-catchy single “Fall In Love,” these two are bound to get people talking in 2014!

Chelsea Briggs caught up with Phantogram backstage at the 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards at SXSW and chatted about their album, first impressions of each other and becoming close friends with hip-hop artists Big Boi.

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Voices is Phantogram’s second studio album and according to Josh, they couldn’t be more stoked to finally have it out and in their fan’s ears. “It’s really great to have it out now. It’s been done since last June and now we’re just excited to be on the road touring, playing all these songs live,” he said.

It isn’t just us or the people at MTV that are totally backing Phantogram – Outkast’s very own Big Boi is a total fan! “He’s a fan of us. He found out about us online and tweeted about us,” Sarah said. “We’re huge fans of Outkast, huge since we were kids… we’re family now. We’re a part of the Dungeon family now. We’re just waiting for the chains.”

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Do you think Phantogram will make waves in 2014?