Talk about intense! Last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars set us up for next week’s big season finale and left us with one question: will we actually find out who ‘A’ really is?

Ciara McVey breaks down it down in this week’s PLL Power Rankings!

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Kicking it off with number three is Spencer, who is pretty much getting terrorized by ‘A’ daily. And, surprisingly, it isn’t just Mrs. DiLaurentis that thinks she had a hand in Ali’s disappearance. Her own parents totally suspected that she killed Alison this whole time! Say what?!

Coming in at number two is Emily, who finally ditched Paige after she ratted to the police that Alison is most definitely alive somewhere in the world. Um, can we get #RIPPaily trending please?

And our number one character from last night’s PLL is… 'A!' Anyone else think 'A' is getting a little too dark? I mean, first there were those pictures in Spencer’s car and let’s just say that bone corset is one we’ll never be wearing – like, ever.

We’ll be finding out a ton of answers on next week’s season finale, but here’s a question for you..

Do you think we’ll actually find out A’s identity next week?