There’s nothing wrong with being a super fan, but sometimes, there are the super-duper-crazy-intense-fans that make regular super fans look bad. There are break-ins, assaults and threats all done by supposed fans. Fans be creepin!

This weekend, a teenage fan snuck into Miley Cyrus’ dressing room in Nebraska and left a note, asking her to meet up with him. Fortunately, it was the day before Miley’s concert so she wasn’t there when that happened because real talk: that would have been creepy.

Fans, Chelsea Briggs has one question for you: WTF!

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This isn’t just a Miley problem. Just last week, a fan was found in Justin Bieber’s Atlanta home asleep in one of his bedrooms! What?! You sneak into your idol’s house so you can take a nap?

And those two freaky incidents happened in the past week! But this stuff is happening to celebrities way too often. In fact, Taylor Swift took out a restraining order on a fan claiming to be her husband, Selena Gomez has a three-year restraining order on a 46-year-old male stalker, Demi Lovato was attacked on stage with fans trying to hug and make-out with her, Beyoncé was pulled off stage, head first into the crowd – do we really need to go on?

It’s one thing to idolize a celebrity, but it’s another thing to terrorize them! So this week’s WTF Lesson of the Day goes like this: Love ‘em, but don’t smother ‘em!

Do you think fans are going way too far with their obsessions?