Can we vote Demi Lovato for President? Our girl covers Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” and nails it! Oh, and guess what – Ed admits that he’s a total Lovatic!

Chelsea Briggs breaks it all down in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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So what do you get when you mix Lovato goodness with Sheeran awesomeness? Oh you know, just a stellar cover! Demi surprises the iHeartRadio live audience by performing Ed’s hit single “Give Me Love” and we’re going to be honest – things got a little emotional! Lovatics and Sheerios couldn’t be more proud of Demi’s performance. And Demi was very passionate about the cover, saying, “It’s one of my favorite songs. This song means everything to me.”

Ed took to Twitter to let Demi know he totally approved and even gave it two roaring thumbs up, saying it was “incredible!”

How do you feel about a Ed and Demi collaboration?

Would you listen?