Comparing Emblem3 where they are now to where they were a year ago can be summed up with one word: rollercoaster! These guys have completely taken off since their days on The X-Factor, opening up for Selena Gomez on her Stars Dance tour, headlining their #BandLife tour and just getting back from a super crazy trip to Europe!

Chelsea Briggs was reunited with the three fellas at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards to talk about their hectic year, what we can expect from their next album and how their fans helped inspire a dope new song!

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After sharing their stories of getting mobbed in Europe (insane!), Emblem3 opened up about what we can expect from their upcoming sophomore album, which their currently working on.

“It’s so good! And we’re having such a good time doing it,” Drew explained. “If we had to put it in a genre range – we decided we want to rise above genres and do whatever we want – but it’s like, R&B, punk, reggae-roots, indie-rock, Jack Johnson-style and sometimes electrical drops that you can party to in a club. It’s going to be to be so cool!”

Who do you hope Emblem3 collaborates with on their next album?