If there is one YouTuber in the Internet community that we could pick to be our ultimate best friend, it would definitely be Grace Helbig. Making daily shows in her own home makes us, and the rest of her millions of views, feel like we are just hanging out with a friend – a friend who is inside our computer.

Chelsea Briggs sat down with Grace at Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida to talk all things YouTube, re-launching her own channel, Camp Takota and – oh yeah! There was some freestyling involved… obviously.


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2013 was a groundbreaking year for Grace, as she left DailyGrace and My Damn Channel behind to completely re-launch It’s Grace and make a movie with her best friends Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart.

“In the start of this year, I got to finally launch my own channel and feel like an authentic member of the community and it’s been amazing,” Grace explained. “There’s a comradely with everyone and you’re so supportive… everyone supports everyone’s endeavors. Our movie Camp Takota, all the YouTubers came out and really supported it. It’s such a supportive community, it’s wonderful.”

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If you could pick one YouTuber to be best friends with, who would it be?