So remember yesterday when we said that if we could be best friends with any YouTuber, we’d totally pick Grace Helbig? Correction: it would be Grace and the star of My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah Hart. Seriously, this girl is hilarious!

Chelsea Briggs got the chance to sit down with Hannah at Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida to chat all about the YouTube community, Camp Takota and meeting President Obama. Also, we’d just like to say that if there was one word to sum up Hannah’s dance moves, it would be electric. Just saying.

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Getting her start on YouTube three years ago, Hannah had no idea that filming herself making food while drinking would lead her to the many opportunities she’s come across. For example, making a movie with her two best friends, Grace and Mamrie Hart! “Camp Takota was really exciting because I got to go through the process of making a movie, from start to finish, without it being exactly just mine,” she explained. “I love it and I want to go more. I have a script for another movie that I’m trying to make. I’m trying to reach out more to communities that aren’t usually in movies.”

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If you could be best friends with any YouTuber, who would it be?