Okay, get ready to break the Internet, you guys. Two of our absolute favorites have shown us that not only are they awesome singers/dancers/song writers and musicians, but ya’ll – they can rap too. Maybe not as good as us, but whatevs. It’s time for an epic rap battle yo!

Chelsea Briggs b-b-breaks it down in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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The fellas from One Direction admitted to having a few too many cocktails at the 2014 BRIT Awards but then they went all awesome-sauce on us with a super awesome spontaneous rap! These boys got some skillz (yes, we just put a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’).

Then Ed Sheeran, who’s already like ah-mazing, performed a brand new track from his upcoming album X during a London concert last month. Obviously if you’re already a hardcore Ed fan like we are, you know that he’s no stranger to throwing in rapping in on his songs and it’s phenomenal!

Who do you think has better rapping skills?

1D or Ed?