Whoa whoa whoa! And might we add – OMG! One Direction’s Harry Styles confirms a solo album and we’re kinda freaking out over here. What does this mean for 1D?!

Chelsea Briggs explains it all in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Okay, so Harry confirmed that he has officially signed on for a solo album, which is super exciting for him, but we have one question: what does this mean for us all-adoring never say die 1D fans? Do we panic?

No, no we don’t. Harry’s already assured fans in a tweet that he has zero plans of leaving One Direction and the other guys have already expressed that they’re all super happy for him. Phew! We’ll be learning so much more so soon since his album is expected to drop sometime next year.

How are you feeling about Harry’s solo album?

Excited? Freaked out?

*April Fool’s'!Harry isn’t leaving One Direction and isn’t releasing a solo album. Gotcha!