So Coachella is a music festival known for peace, love, good music and the craziest fashion statements we’ve ever seen – seriously! Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re all about expressing your personality through your own styles, but some of these fashion choices are throwing us for a loop.

Chelsea Briggs has one question: WTF!

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Oh Coachella. It’s a music festival in the desert that brings out the eccentric in everyone and we totally love it! But we have to say, some of these celebs rocked trends that we didn’t see coming and, while we 100 percent respect their decision to be who they want to be, we some of these fashion choice made us do a double take!

From Jared Leto, to Vanessa Hudgens – a.k.a. the Queen of Coachella – the wide range of trends included crazy patterns mixed together, which pretty much is a public safety hazards and outrageous jewelry, such as hoop nose rings and bindi jewels that caused quite an uproar.

Our WTF Lesson of the Day goes like this: who are we kidding – there’s no lesson here! Be who you wanna be! Who are we to judge? But remember, Instagram pictures are forever.

What do you think about some of this year’s Coachella fashion?