Every other day, it seems like new photo shopped pictures create some sort of ruckus on the web and all we can this is: 1. This is getting old, 2. Celebrities have feelings and 3. Why is this happening?

Chelsea Briggs just has one question: WTF!

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Demi Lovato was a victim of a "leaked" topless photo but come on people! Her tattoos aren’t even right! Demi tweeted in response to the photo hitting the web, “I am strong. I’m a fighter. Don’t underestimate me.” Demi isn’t the only celeb that has become a victim of photo shop. Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone have been recording a new track and working late nights in the studio, getting closer, but this photo of them kissing? Really? This is totally fake!

Next, Ariana Grande totally had a sense of humor about a fake photo floating around, tweeting, “so I’m pregnant, my nudes leaked… thanks for the april fools joke.”

Our WTF Lesson of the Day goes like this: Stars are just like us – they can get hurt or embarrassed! So next time you’re thinking about making a fake photo that could do some damage, try using your talents for something awesome instead.

What do you think about these fake photos?

Do you think they’re funny or are you kind of grossed out?