Wake up and smell the reboots! Boy bands and girl bands are coming to us from all directions, but can we take it? Can we survive the pop tsunami?

Chelsea Briggs wants to say yes, but all she can really say is WTF!

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So our day-to-day already feels like we’re swimming with pop groups and we love it, but there have definitely been a lot of boy band and girl group reunions going on, right? O-Town just announced that they’re back by popular demand and we may have been one of those people tweeting at them day and night for it. Um, let’s not forget their epic ballad “All Or Nothing,” okay? But can O-Town keep up with the guys from One Direction?

And then there’s Danity Kane, an awesome girl group formed on a TV show called Making the Band. Hm, a rockin’ girl group formed on a TV show… ring any bells, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix? But these are just the beginning of pop group reunions! We also have Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, 5ive, Blue911 -- man, we don’t even know who half of those groups even are!

The WTF Lesson of the Day goes like this: April showers restore powers and with great power comes great responsible – so don’t mess up!

What do you think about all these group reunions?

Do you love it or should these guys stay in the past?